Irect marketing as an Alternative channel

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Please writer am sending this outline below as a guide on what to research and write about. Read carefully to enable you understand what to write in the research paper.

Project Outline

Direct Marketing as an Alternative Channel

The defines direct marketing as i??a form of advertising in which physical marketing materials are provided to consumers in order to communicate information about product or servicei?? This marketing strategy aims to remove the i??middle mani?? from the promotion process, but providing companyi??s message directly to the consumers.
To fully understand Direct marketing as one of the channels of distribution, we carried out a research to identifying the distribution Channels used by the manufacturers in their marketing strategy. In marketing, Distribution Channels are one of the Classic i??4 Psi?? (product, promotion, price, placement a.k.a. i??distributioni??) which form the key elements in our entire marketing strategy. We shall research and briefly analyze these channels and the channel strategy that firms use in deciding which distribution channel to be used in their marketing strategy; whether to employ a single or multiple distribution channels. Some of the identified channels used are Wholesaler/Distributor, Direct/Internet, Direct/Catalog, Direct/Sales Team, Value-Added Reseller (VAR), Consultant, Dealer, Retail and Sales Agent/Manufactureri??s Rep

However, our major emphasis is focused on the Direct Marketing as an alternative Channel of distribution. Direct Marketing is becoming an alternative channel and an important strategy used by organizations to reach and establish a strong relationship with their customers. Direct marketing is based on the principle of interactivity using one or more marketing media to effect measurable response. These media include mail, magazine ads, newspaper ads, television and radio spots, infomercials, free-standing inserts (FSIs), internets and card decks. This project identifies and analyzes different types of direct marketing that uses the above media to reach their customers. Some of the direct marketing approach analysed in the project are Direct mail, Telemarketing, internet/email marketing, broadcast faxing, couponing, direct selling and direct advertising. Direct marketing targets specific customers through personalized advertisement and promotion with a key objective of increasing campaign responses for a higher return on investment.

Direct Marketing is also faced with many complex processes and issues ranging from technical, organizational and managerial aspects. This project focuses on some of these organizational and managerial issues of direct marketing by researching on the necessary activities, media and technologies that can effectively be used to execute direct marketing

Having identified the channels of distribution which describe how products are delivered to the consumers, the project researches and analyses the characteristics of Direct marketing and the necessary distribution channels that are used as well as their importance.

We have also explained in the project the strategies for direct marketing to ensure our marketing campaigns are target, measurable, and ethical. We tried to analyze the processes that could help us create a consistent customer profile that describes the dominant target market. We have also described the process that can enable us analyze and establish measurements to assess the success of our direct marketing campaign. Identifying ethical considerations and responsibilities are also key to the success of our direct marketing campaign, hence the analysis of good marketing techniques that is precluded of negative attributes that may invariably impact on the target market.