Irect Marketing Case study Exam ( Mcdonalds )

Attached is a case study about Mcdonalds as well as some past exam papers related to different cases but same Module(class)
I would like you please to analyze the case in a way which covers expected questions such as those on the past papers, and by that i mean all the models that are associated in the case itself and the module which are :
Five Forces
Micro analysis
Macro analysis
PESTE analysis
Market segmentation
SWOT analysis
we were also told that we have to do some preparation on:

market objectives
market segments , customer habits and purchasing behavior (target market)
competitive situation
resource constrains
outline ideas for DM
the different methods that would be used if targeting for acquisition or/and retention ?

And here is what i received from my Module leader as an advice:
Your preparation is so you can think ahead about a DIM campaign  so your writing in the exam shows you can apply theory to the case study. Consider it for McDonalds UK. You should be thinking about a Dim campaign for acquisition and retention, web design issues and AIMRITE as a model for assessing media.
You need to think about target markets and possible campaigns  you will be given specific questions at the examination to which you must adapt your preparation.

Thank you for your time and please dont hesitate to contact for any questions.