Irect Solicitation and Making the Case( Narrative)

The purpose of this assignment is for you to select a i??causei?? and understand and develop skills for how three commonly used solicitation methods i??make the casei?? for financial support. You must include two methods in your paper. You can choose to include two of these three methods:

1) A direct mail solicitation through traditional mail,

2) An email solicitation, and

3) A text message solicitation.

You need to carefully select the i??causei?? for which you are soliciting funds in this assignment. You can select a project or for general support for your field placement organization. Other options are selecting a cause

from organizations where you have done an internship, your alma mater or another nonprofit organization whose work is highly familiar to you.

You need to make the case for your cause using EACH of the two METHODS you choose.

The assignment should include:

i?? A short summary of the organization

i?? How and why you developed the case for support in each method:

o What types of donor are you targeting for each one and why?

o What will motivate the donor to give in your case?

o Why do you think it is powerful?

o What is the sense of urgency for giving that you have created?

i?? Explain how you approached your cause in each method: For this you must cite and footnote articles that discuss how each medium has worked or not worked for different charitable solicitations.

i?? How did you elect to make the case inside that medium? What will the donor have i??to doi?? to make a gift?

i?? A response vehicle i?? e.g. for the letter, a response card and envelope, with an outside envelope (can be hand drawn or computer drawn), for electronic, through what medium will they give?

i?? Overall plan for mailing/sending including:

i?? When will you send each out and why?

i?? What technology vendors, other vendors or mail vendors are needed to allow you to solicit that gift? Why and how

will they get involved? What do they cost? How do you find them?

i?? Real Budget/Estimate for any creative work by design firm or other vendors

i?? Real Budget/Estimate for mail house or technology partner for mailing, sending or texting

i?? Response rates and average gift to be received

i?? Note number of letters, emails or texts to be sent for solicitation

i?? Provide comprehensive details on lists, emails names or phones numbers i?? how were they acquired?

i?? Will you personalize each medium and why?

i?? Other important details as you desire

For each method, please include the following information:

i?? How will you process the gifts once they come in?

i?? How will you acknowledge each gift?

i?? How will you record gifts in your database and how will you code or note each gift?

i?? What is the total anticipated cost of the solicitation?

i?? To the best of your ability, provide a cost benefit of each medium?

i?? How much do you expect to raise and what will be the net of your solicitation i?? how did you arrive at that figure?