Irection in contemporary design & 20th century modernism( swiss re building: The Gherkin)

Identify a project designed after 1988 as your casestudy Swiss Re Building is my case study”
and through a comparison with two other projects,
designed in the early and mid 20th century respectively,
discuss how the design of the chosen project has been shaped
by the historical developments of the 20th century.
The discussion needs to be presented in the form of a literature review,
and should engage at least 6 scholarly books, chapters or journal articles.

a developed essay plan is required also..outline of the critical argument that will be developed through the essay”
Ive been asked to develop a critical analytical essay addressing my understanding of the quality of work that is allaying with others and be able to identify the relationship of structure, material, form and perceptions affected by different practices/ movements that happened in the history of architecture of the chosen case study Swiss Re”…
and the form of the design interpreted and effect in term of idea, space and materiality..

i will attach the essay instructions in the attachment ,, but please note that my chosen case study is the Swiss Re buildingin london which is called The Gherkin”

Moreover A BIBLIOGRAPHY of relevant literature with at least 6 scholarly books or journal articlesThe sources are limited to ONLY Book, book Chapters or journal articles..