Irewall Architectures and Techniques: A study on the high speed network security they provide.

This is the very first part of my undergraduate project. I need to select a project title which i already did and is the above paper topic; Firewall Architectures and Techniques: A study on the high speed network security they provide..Based on that title i must complete the first 2 parts of the interim report,which spawns in the first semester.The interim report must be completed in the first week of January. It has 3 parts. However,the first and second part should be completed by the end of November.
The structure of the report should be as follows;

Structure of the Report

(The student s pathway title.
The chosen project title. )
1.1 Introduction to the problem being tackled, and the rationale behind choosing the problem
1.2 Introduction to the project (including a project plan i.e. a GANTT chart)
1.3 Introduction to the envisaged artefact

2.1 Statement on the appropriateness of the current objectives for the project
2.2 Description of the strategy being used to pursue the project
2.3 Summary of the progress so far
- technical progress in terms of the state of completion of the scheduled activities
- time spent on the project work
2.4 List of the difficulties encountered and how these were tackled/overcome
2.5 Description of how the project is being supervised by the supervisor, and any changes preferred by the student.

Self-reflection on the choice of project
Self-reflection on the strategy being used
Self-reflection on the project plan, and on progress to-date and effort applied
Self-reflection on how difficulties are being tackled
Self-reflection on the sufficiency of the supervision, and the contribution made by the student

The last part 3-Self Reflection is not required at the time being.It will be my next order.Thus i regard both, as essays, and not as dissertation which will follow as an order in couple of months.

I will upload any materials pertaining to my order, so you can have a clear view of my requirements.Please kindly do not hesitate to email me for any additional information you might need.