Irfoils ( Wind tunnel ) experiment for Fluid Mechanics class

I have a lab report that I need to submit in 12 hours and I need your help. I have the lab instructions written in a file and I can provide some pictures about what we did in this experiment. The lab report must be individual work not copied from another studentas reports or similar. The following questions must be answered for this report.

The report questions:

Experimental data:
a? For a given flow rate, how did the flow pattern change with angle of attack?
a? Was the flow pattern the same or different for the two different flow velocities? What are the reasons
for the similarities or differences?

Computational data:
a? Where are the areas of high and low velocity? Did their locations change with angle of attack? Explain.
a? How do the streamline patterns change with angle of attack?

Do the experimental and computational observations match well? Why or why not?