Irline Portfolio and Performance Report for JetBlue Airways

Section One History 1 page, (At least 2 references)
Provide a brief history of JetBlue Airways from its inception through today. Discuss its fleet and make mention of the airlines role in the industry, what its primary market is and how it may impact research agencies such as the NTSB or NASA.

Section Two Financial Performance  3 pages, (At least 6 references)
Discuss any prominent topics relevant to JetBlues relevant to JetBlues financial performance. Report on the company s earnings after September 11, 2001, which is right after the company was born, until today. Discuss the recent fuel costs and the impact on JetBlue. Discuss separate economic indicators that trigger a high or low flow of business for the airline. Review the companies Break even load factor(BELF) over the past year and the current average load factors of the rest of the industry. Finally discuss outsourcing and the measures to avoid a decrease in accountability and safety.

Section Three  Marketing  2.5 pages, (At least 5 references)
In this section discuss the company s impact on the market concerning Fare wars,and how JetBlue rates among other competitors such as Southwest. Discuss how JetBlue markets to its customer base with such programs as ”JetPaws,etc. Instruct on JetBlue s marketing strategy overall and whether it is working, what is there rational, should they change it or not? What type of routes are they flying and who are their direct competitors, what kind of strategies is JetBlue using to stay competitive?

Section Four  Aircraft Fleet  1.5 pages, (At least 3 references)
Discuss JetBlue s fleet, routes and hub structure. Why did they make these decisions? Are they economically sound decisions? Have they changed their strategy, should they...? Do they own or lease their equipment? What is the average age of their fleet? What is their route structure? Hub-andSpoke or Point-to-Point?

Section Five  Multimodal Transportation  1 page, (At least 2 references)
Select a region, area, route; where JetBlue operates and compare the availability and impact of other modes of transportation, both for passengers and cargo (i.e. trucking, rail, or maritime shipping).

Section Six  International Operations  1 page, (At least 2 references)
Discuss JetBlue s international operations, alliances, code shares. What is the benefit/potential detriment to these relationships?

Section Seven  Personnel Issues/Security following September 11, 2001  1 page, (At least 2 references)
Discuss the impact of JetBlue based on increased security mandates. What changes have they made? What changes do they forecast?

Section Eight  Summarization and Future Recommendations  4 pages (reuse previous references)
Summarize JetBlue in all functional areas and provide current status and recommendations regarding past performance and future profitability. Evaluate specific airline in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, and formulate an economic recovery strategy based on both the international economic and terrorism threats. In addition, based on all of the preceding text predict the airline s status into the next decade based on this summarization.