Irline Revenue Management SWOT Analysis Aegean Airlines

Write an essay as a SWOT analysis, in your own words, assessing the financial performance of an airline yoou are interested in (1000 words)

Chosen airline:AEGEAN AIRLINES (Greek network carrier)
SWOT analysis shall be clear to indentify reading through the assignment and therefore paragraphs should start:
1. Strengths 2. Weaknesses 3.Opportunities 4.Threats.

SWOT analysis should be financialy based and focused, data driven, balance sheets should be examined, profit/loss values of Aegean Airlines. ROTA (return of total assets) and compound growth rate needs to be calculated as well. Please compare and contrast finance information from all years available. (5 years would be great,if info available)
Also, questions of whether someone should/would buy shares from the airline, what are the issues affecting the airline, what is the competitive environment, how things are changing,prognosis of the future and prospetcts should be answered.

Thank you!!! For any further information I am at your disposal.
com, Investor Relations, Financial Results 2010,2009,2008,2007,2004-2006
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Also, for your consideration I have attached a word documents showing traffic and statistics of Aegean Airlines, which I got from Air Transport Inteligence.(I will reference it myself)