Irline Scheduling, fleet planning and airports

1. Please use reliable databases for resources

Task description & requirements:
The company that has appointed you as an advisor is convinced by your report and will take your suggestions on the market that the airline will operate in and the management structure that should be put in place. Furthermore, the company has been granted the right to fly between Australia, Singapore, Japan and China. With US$500 million capital, the proposed market and the management structure determined in the last report, you are asked to provide professional advice on the following three areas. (All your advice needs to be adequately justified)

1What fleet suits best for this new business and how aircraft should be acquired?
2How should the fleet be scheduled?
3Based on questions 1& 2, advice how air freight service might bring revenue to the airline business?

More informationIn the part 1 which was done previously, I suggested going into budget airline business.