Irls and global access to education for psychology of genders

We are talking about girls and global access to education. We have already made a bibliography of what we foundI will attach a copy of it”.

What you should do first is to read this article:
conclusions/ implications of the research made by the authors [found in the results & discussion sections]?
Key Concepts: List & define at least 3 key concepts/terms that emerge in the reading that others would need defined to understand the gender issue investigated.
Research Findings to Present: Describe the 3 most important things you believe the authoras found that you may want to include in your group presentation. Each finding should be a separate paragraph. [Note: for research articles, look at the results and discussion sections for the research findings]. Be sure to describe each finding, why you think it is important to include in your presentation, and what you think is the best way to present the finding to the class. The discussion of specific findings in this portion of your paper should be much more detailed than in your first summary paragraph.
Social Action: Discuss a possible social action or prevention campaign that could be or has been used to create awareness about the issues studied or to change the gender dynamics around the issues studied in the research article you chose.

Points will be given for spelling, grammar, and depth of thought. Be sure to use specific examples/quotes from all sources, especially the article you reviewed.