Irport , Aviation Weather Observsations

PART I: Tell about an experience that you had relating to problems or difficulties with air travel. What have you learned about FAAas plans to upgrade the system that might address this problem? NOTE: If you have never had a problem or difficulty with air travel, youare a rare and lucky person. In that case, tell about a problem or difficulty with air travel that you read about.

PART II: Do you think that NextGen will help this particular circumstance?

PART I: Describe the current navigation system using VOR vectoring with FAA radar controlled facilities. Read Online about current initiatives to move towards GPS technology regarding point-to-point flight instead if using FAA controlled flight routes.
PART II: based on proposed use of GPS technology in a Free Flightscenario. Do you think that Free Flight will help this particular circumstance? Save Fuel, Save Time, Safety?

Part I: If you live in the United States, go to the NOAA, National Weather Service and look up your 7-day forecast. If you are located outside of the U.S., give the 7-day forecast for one of the following zip codes: 99516, 04401, 66118, 12946, 58506, 87507, 98331, 36613, 48220, or 96811.

Part II. Summarize the 7 day forecast in your area. Does the extended weather forecast in your selected location look like it might be a good week for flying a local sortie? Why or why not? Comment in two of your peersa weather forecastsa¦are they sufficiently good forecasts for flying? What hazards exist to aviationa¦if any?

Click here to look up your city, state, or zip code: NOAA National Weather Service

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