Irport Research Honolulu International Airport

Airport Research paper Guidelines

1. Choose a major airport either US or foreign, and provide a brief history and if possible, an airport layout of the runways and facilities. Explain whether your airport is a hub-and-spoke or a point-to-point airport.

--Please do the research Honolulul International Airport.

2. Explore, evaluate, and provide a detailed analysis of each mode of transportation that services the airport and the effects that all have on the airport and local economy.

--Modes of Transportation i.e., Air/Water/Rail/Pipeline/Highway.

3. Provide details of any new developments or changes that are planned for the airport within the next 10 years or less.

4. Identify the major airline that services that airport and who its major competitors are. Provide details of the airline s fleet, the types of routes that are flown from that airport, and whether the airline has any addition services it provides from that airport such as maintenance and repair.

--Please to for statistics and information for age of airline fleet, etc.

5. Research paper will be structured in the APA format of 8 pages of text with a title page and a minimum of six references equating to a minimum of one reference page. An abstract and running header are not required, but if included there will not be any deduction.

6. Indicate the busiest hours and destinations of flight. Show the impact of those timeframes to the airport.