Irports Management; Two airports in one city, and a third Airport might be developed in the same city

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Attached file number 1, contains all the info and the criteria for the assignment.

Attached files number 2 & 3, contains some data, figures and graphs that might be helpful to you. File number 4 is an overview about airports management.

Please note that the instructor prefers to see MANY Maps, figures and graphs to support arguments and clarify facts, so use them as much as you can.

For the paper structure you can use the below:

^Cover Page
^Table of Content
^Executive Summary
^Assessment of Istanbul AtatA?rk Airport Physical Design & Capacity Limitations
^Assessment for the strategy of Istanbul Two airports: AtatA?rk & Sabiha GokA§en
^Strategy & Feasability of adding a new airport in istanbul with its current existing two airports (in this section you shall answer the question: is it feasible to have 3 airports in Istanbul? Explain why? Or why not) )
^Discussion & Recommendations
^References (ORIGINAL SOURCES of the original creators, with respect to the referencing system standards, e.g. if the source is unkown, provide the link and follow the referencing system standards to address such a matter)