Irst career moves a preparing for internship or placement (15%) (1000 words approx)

2. First career moves a preparing for internship or placement (15%) (1000 words approx)

Make sure you have updated your CV to hand in as part of this assignment. (My CV attached to reflect on it)

MMUBS strongly advises that you undertake an internship or placement. To find one, you will have to go through a process almost identical to job recruitment. You will therefore need an excellent, up to date CV and to be able to demonstrate the skills employers in your sector are seeking at interview. (job advert attached)

For this assessment, complete these tasks:

1Identify FOUR key skills which employers are seeking in entry level jobs in your profession. (You can identify these by analysing job adverts, or from academic research in the area if this is available). Show these in a brief table, referencing your sources.

2Consider how you would give evidence of these skills to a potential employer. If this can be done in your CV, also update your CV to reflect these.

3-Identify at least one key area or attribute which the interviewer will NOT be able to identify from a CV or application form alone eg team working, creativity, managing change, leadership style. For each of these draft a brief statement you would want to give to the interviewer to demonstrate your experience with an example of a situation , the actions you took and the outcomes. Your response should include some details eg the size of the team, the length of a project.

4Identify the main barrier which currently might prevent you from getting the job you have targeted. Identify how you could overcome this.

5-Use any skills gaps you have identified to set at least two professional development goals in the Action Plan. (action plan attached with job advert for skills)
Resources to help complete this assignment

Cottrell, s (2010) Skills for Success: the Personal Development Planning Handbook (2nd edition) Palgrave Macmillan Basingstoke UK (especially chapters 8 and 9 on reflection and reflective writing)

Employability Online all areas, but especially Career Action Planning