Irst Gallery Constructed At Abu Dhabi Louvre

Write a 1-2 page reflection paper discussing what you have learned from the topic you chose for the 1 minute paper. Include the following in the paper:
i?? Summarize the topic you presented in the 1-minute presentation. Explain the reasons why you chose this topic.
i?? Explain the area of Civil Engineering that this topic involves.
i?? Discuss what you learned from reading about this topic.
i?? Identify any social or political implications associated with this particular issue.
i?? If applicable, discuss a new innovation or technology in Civil Engineering that this topic addresses.
The paper must be typed using the following format: Times Roman font, 12 pitch, 1 inch margins on all sides, double spaced. Be sure to include all references used, including the issue of SmartBrief where the topic was reported.

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