Irst Generation College Motivational Support Systems

This is a term paper for a Ed.D level Educational Research course. The paper is supposed to be on the first generation college students motivational support systems. This is supposed to be a simple understandable gist of what my future dissertation topic may be in 18-20 pages. The paper should be divided into three different chapters. Chapter one should include the TITLE, TABLE OF CONTENT, CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION . Under chapter 1 introduction there should be an order of 4 things. 1Purpose , 2Research Question, 3Limitation(s) of the study, 4-Definition of key terms. For instance, throughout the paper, if its purpose or research question or anything that I have mentioned with a number before it, it should be in bold or underlined. So, if its the purpose section, you would put that in bold or underline it, and then write the details of that part below it.
Then, CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF LITERATURE which should include 1-Research Hypothesis and 2-Literature Review with Major Researchers
Lastly, CHAPTER 3 METHOD which should include 1Research Design (Independent Variable/Dependent Variable, Instruments that you may want to use in your research -Survey-Questionnaires), 2Procedure-detailed, 3-Participants/Data Sources, 4Data Collection. At the end of the paper, there should be a Bibliography.

Basically this paper is a gist of what my future dissertation topic may be in a form a mini term paper of 18-19-20 pages altogether including all this information in order. There should be detail on what the measures are that lead a first generation college student to success and simultaneously what can cause them to fail in their mission. The research method I may want to use is both quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative to survey a population of whom are first generation, the survey should ultimately address their background (parental support, financial support, etc,) , the problems they encountered or may have encountered. For qualitative, you can say that I may want to interview success first generation students who have now respectively acquired significant praise and nobility in their fields. For participants, I guess it would take place in a college/university institution.