Irst Nations children should never be adopted by non-aboriginal parents.

The format requirements for this essay are as follows:

1. Cover page: provide title, instructor name, class, student name and number, date due and date submitted (if submission date is same as due date a only single date is required). If extension has been granted, include indication of such after date of
2. Length: 8 -10 pages in length a note: length does not include footnote or
endnote spacing, cover page, or bibliography.
3. Style: double spaced 12 pt Times Font (no extra wide spacing between paragraphs).
4. Margins: 1 and A? inch margins at top and 1a? margins on side (or standard margins)
5. Page numbering (no headers or footers required a if cover page is numbered, be sure that length requirements are adhered to as noted above).
6. Correct use of Chicago Style of referencing is required (footnotes OR endnotes and also bibliography).

The research paper must have the following elements of composition:
1. an introductory paragraph that provides an introduction to the topic and an outline of the main points of the essay,
2. a clear thesis that presents a specific position which will be argued through the main points covered in the rest of the essay,
3. paragraphs that contain a topic sentence (typically with a minimum of 5 sentences related to the topic of the paragraph),
4. paragraphs that are logically ordered to develop a coherent and cohesive argument,
5. concise writing that is formal in style and free of grammatical errors,
6. a well structured conclusion that reiterates your main argument, summarizes your main points and presents your final thought(s).(remember, no new ideas in conclusion).
7. a minimum of 5 researched scholarly sources properly cited in the text of the essay, and referenced in a bibliography at the end.
1) a newspapers, news magazines, Wikipedia or other encyclopedia sources DO NOT count as scholarly sources (they may be used to highlight a point or for emphasis but they cannot be considered one of the five required sources). Also, such sources should not be relied upon for key evidence or support for your position.