Irst order paper is Why most changes fail and/ the second order paper is Social Technology

You have 2 topics which I need to write for each topic 3 pages with reference page and follow the same instructor I wrote to you also I want you to put into your consideration 2 of my friends did the same topics in your website so dont mix my topics with their topics what I mean dont write the same what you wrote to them to me its really important to not be the same writing to me. Also, Ill attach to the topics after aprove my order.

Presentation of Articles: A. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Your articles should start with an ExecutiveSummary. At the top of the first page of each executive summary, type the words in all capsEXECUTIVE SUMMARY.Then double space and type the name of the article. The executive summary is a synopsis of the article -no opinions in this section. The length of executive summary will vary from article to article, but normally it can be accomplished in approximately one typed pages. B. CRITIQUE: Each executive summary should be followed by a critique. At the top of the first page of each critique, type in all caps CRITIQUE.Then double space and type the title of the article. The critique is a critical analysis of the article. This is the appropriate section for your professional opinion; for you to apply what you have learned from your management courses as well as from any management experience you may have. Again, the length will vary from article to article, but most critiques can be accomplished in approximately two typed pages. IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS: Your article double spaced pages, have 1inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides of each document, use 12point Times New Roman font, and adhere to APA standards for citations. It is important to address the major management theories and concepts discussed within each article, while also integrating professional opinion and knowledge from previous management courses. The textbook is: Maidment, F. (2012). Annual Editions: Management (16th ed.). McGraw-Hill. Publishing. ISBN: 9780073528632