Irst Step in Creating an Ad Campaign-Exploring Target Audience

I have 4 questions that I need answered regarding a particular target audience that I will mention below…this is for a mock ad campaign. I am having a hard time figuring out the answers to the following questions.

Please note that current relevant information must be used to answer the questions. Scholarly references must be used. As soon as I place the order I will send you a couple of documents that you may or may not be able to use.

Also, I do not want this paper to be 250 words, as I just need quality answers to the following 4 questions.

The target audience we must research is:
Sex: Male
Age: Teenagers, possible 14-17 years of age
High School Students
Geographic: Midwest Region (USA)
Household Income:(From parents), $75,000-$100,000

1.) How is your audience defined?
2.) How big is your audience, in terms of numbers of people?
3.) What is purchasing power of your audience?
4.) What are the trends of your audience?

Following are some ANSWERS to some other questions on this same research project that other people in my group answered. Perhaps you can use the length of the answers as a guide to what I need. They are below.

***************Sample of necessary length and quality of answers**************:

The answers to the questions below are also about the above audience(Male, Teens, 14-17, Midwest(USA), High School Students, whose parents make $75,000-$100,000 per year_

***What motivates them?
Authenticity is a key aspect of teen communication. You donat need to fool kids into buying. Itas OK just to sell to them. Itas more important to project a clear and authentic attitude (Wired News, October 27, 1999)

Technological Innovation

Drawn to entertainment experiences and peer interaction

Personalization, mass customization

Explore and discover what they decide they want to know about a product or service

Being different

Form over function, main concern is whether technology works, not what the packaging looks like

Celebrities pique their interests in new brands but need validation from peers

Male teens spend 1.2 hours playing video games, daily

***What do they purchase?
Haircolor and other haircare products




32% increase for the period 2002-2008 ($678 million dollars in revenue) according to The U.S. Market for teen and tween grooming products, packaged facts April 2003.

94% teenage boys use shampoo, 36% use hairspray, 32% conditioner, 31% use hair-styling productsa¦Simmons Market Research Bureau, NY

Apparel and fashion account for 41% of discretionary spending by teens according to consumer behavior, September 1, 2006.

Digital Media



Sporting Equipment

Video games and equipment

***Does this audience have any unmet needs that a product or service could fill?
Unable to purchase online because most teens do not have a credit card, 88% shop

Teens will browse online and then purchase at the retail store

Media on a variety of interchangeable platforms

Social connectivity, newness and community

***What media do they watch, read or access?
With an ever-expanding media universe, social networks play increasingly important roles in the lives of teens. The most popular internet browsing for teenagers are social sites, you tube, instant messaging, and downloading music. Cell phones are also common for texting and browsing in male teens. Also, young males watch a lot of sports or play video games. As for TV it is mostly sports and videos and as for movies it would be comedy or mostly violence ones.

Teen Boys More Likely than Girls to Visit Many Websites
Compared to girls their age, boys in the 12to 17-year-old age group are more likely to visit a large number of Websites when they go online. For example, 9.5% of younger teen boys and 13.4% of those in the 15to 17-year-old age group visit more than 15 Websites per week,
compared to only 7.5% of younger teen girls and 9.7% of older teen girls.
For example, boys in the 12to 14-year-old age group focus on playing online games (44.2%) and downloading news and information about video games (46.2%).

***What kinds of advertising are they exposed to? Pick 2-3 ads, commercials or websites that a?speaka? to this audience
Teenagers are exposed to all types of advertising. One advertisement that is always popping up is Corona Beer on tv and Internet or any beer ads that portray that drinking is fun. The one below is an ad with Lance Armstronga¦if he is posing for a beer ad and he is a professional and famous cyclist; I can see why teenagers may think its ok to drink. I feel like teenage boys are subjective to this because they see famous people, their friends, and maybe even their family drinking and having fun. So teenagers are influenced all the way around

Sports Illustrated magazine is another advertising they are exposed. Young males are intrigued and persuade to learn more about sex, girls, and looking good through ads. Another ad that stood out was a body spray for teens by Tag and Abercrombie and Fitch.