Irst Tennessee Bank (First Horizon National Corp) Organizational Behavior


This paper is designed to: 1) evaluate your theoretical knowledge learned in the course, and 2) evaluate your ability to integrate the subject matter learned in class with YOUR OWN work and/or home and/or community environment. Therefore, you are to do two things: first define your concept that you have chosen, and then integrate it into YOU OWN work environment in some way.
You are to select three topics to write your final paper about. Your research will be about those three topics. In its entirety, the final paper should be between 8 and 10 pages (not including cover and References). It is to be typed, double-spaced and in APA format. The final paper topics are to be chosen from the text and must deal with some aspect of organizational behavior. It is recommended that you chose topics that can shed light on something your own organization is currently going through and are of some interest to you.
Each topic should have its own heading before moving on to the next topic so that the final paper can be read with ease. There should be at least 2 outside references per topic included in your works cited page (the course text does not count as a reference).
Things to be aware of:
i?? Write this paper in 3rd person. If you doni??t know what that means, please take the time to learn this. Do not use 1st or 2nd person in this paper.
i?? You are to name your organization in the introduction as well as the three topics you are writing about. Make it easy for the reader to understand what you are writing about.
i?? Make sure you use parenthetical (within text) citations when you use a source that you need to cite. See the APA manual for details on how to do that.
i?? APA calls for strict double spacing and indenting. No need for i??gapsi?? between paragraphs or i??block stylei?? paragraphs. Double space all parts of your paper. That means you may have to adjust your default in WORD to make sure there are not line spaces before or after paragraph breaks.
i?? The standard course assignment grading rubric will be used for this paper.
i?? Try to use the most recent sources for your paper. A great place to start is the ProQuest data base (via Galileo). The use of the course text is not suitable as a source for this paper.

See more specific directions below.

Final Paper Format
(This paper must follow APA guidelines/format.)

Should consist of one or two paragraphs that tell the reader what the paper is about, topics that will be discussed, organization mentioned. The introduction i??sets the stagei?? for the paper. It should be approximately 1 page in length

Body of the Paper
Topic #1, 2, 3 (Use appropriate heading to tell the reader the issued discussed in this section of the paper.)
EACH TOPIC should be divided into two parts. Part 1 is dedicated to defining the topic that was chosen. The definition of your topic should be about 1 page in length. It should contain professional references (parenthetical citations) that will appropriately define your topic. The definition section is designed to evaluate your theoretical knowledge of the topic you chose. Part 2 is dedicated to integrating your topic with YOUR work environment. You should mention your organizationi??s name and cite how your organization deals or does not deal with your topic chosen. This part is designed to help you integrate a theoretical issue in everyday practice. This part should be about 1 page in length.

The conclusion is designed to i??wrap upi?? your paper by telling the reader what the main points of the paper were. It summarizes (or concludes) the paper into a meaningful end. It need only be 1 page long.

This section is a list of the works cited you used in your paper. It should follow APA formatting.


First TN Bank (First Horizon National Corp.)
Teller/Financial Service Representative

TOPIC #1 Attitudes, Values, & Ethics
-Differentiated Customer Service/Experience
-Company Culture
-Community Involvement (Grants, Volunteerism, etc.)
-Work-Life Balance for employees (Paid time off, Vacation hours, Maternity leave, etc.)
-Social Responsibility

TOPIC #2 Motivation and Performance
Apply Hezbergs Motivation-Hygiene Theory to the following:
-Benefits (Health, Dental, Life 401K & Savings)
-Financial Aid Reimbursement
-Quarterly Evaluations and Presidents Awards
-Job Security
-Bonuses and Raises
-Employee Mentoring Program and Promotions

Topic #3 Challenges for Management
-Global Competition
-Diversity (Cultural, Gender, Age, Race Differences, etc)
-Employee/Manager Relationships (Effective communication)
-Compliance and Bank Policies (Workplace Deviance Behavior)
-Employee Retention/Turn-over

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