Irst topic is (Arrest Discretion) & the second is (The war on Drugs)

Reading responses ensure you do the readings. Students must write a typed 1-page response to the day s readings. On the top, include a heading with your name, the class and section number (for examples: PSC 401.2), the date, and the class number. One response will cover all the assigned readings for that week. Responses should be 300-500 words. Use a normal-sized font with normal sized margins and 1.5 or double spacing. More than one printed page will not be accepted. This is an exercise is brevity.
These responses are meant to ensure that you have done the required readings. The reading response itself is not meant to consume a great deal of your time. They are graded check-minus (0.7), check (.9), and check-plus (1.0). A check-minus is inadequate and below college-level writing. A check is a good to very good summary, and check plus is a very good summary and also has independent thought and analysis.
You must read and respond to all the day s readings. You do not have to give equal time in your written response to each reading (indeed, you should not). But your 1-page reading response must make it clear that you have done the readings and understand their basic points. The response must include a brief summary of the readings and should include a brief analysis/opinion related the reading.

Discuss in 1 full page collectively the readings for Cop in the Hood Chapters 6 and the title for this paper is (Arrest Discretion)

On the next paper discuss in 1 full page collectively the readings for Cop in the Hood Chapter 7 & Epilogue, and the title for this paper is (The war on Drugs).

There are no sources needed for any of these papers and the writing style for these papers is regular.