Irst wave,second wave,third wave feminism

This 5 6 page paper counts as your Final Writing Project, also worth 25 points toward your final grade, that applies the knowledge you gained from the three individual Wave Papers to your personal experience. I am asking you to write a paper that illustrates your understanding of how concepts that were/are important during each wave have affected you:

A· As a child
A· As a teenager
A· As an adult
Each wave has included topics that we have covered during the semester such as family, workplace, sexuality and rights. You should use each of the waves and different topics in your analysis, but it does not matter which wave you choose to apply to each part of your life.

Develop your ideas as thoroughly as possible and remember to follow the writing guidelines set forth during the semester (introductory and closing paragraphs, paragraph development, transitional phrases, and a?flowa?). Please review the link to a?Avoid These Writing Mistakesa? for help with spelling, grammar and mechanics.

Title pages and citations/bibliographies/end notes DO NOT count as pages. Your writing should be 12 point, double-spaced, with 1a? margins and following APA Guidelines. This paper will be evaluated according to the rubric below.