Is Othello a man of honor driven to the brink of sanity by Iagoas manipulation or is he a violent man easily prompted to his natural state?


1. The tone of academic papers is formal. Please do not write in first or second person or use informal language such as slang, text speak, clichA┬ęs, regionalisms, and colloquialisms.
2. You should have an arguable thesis that states your position clearly. Your position will be your answer to the prompt you select.
3. You will support your thesis statement with claims. Those claims must be supported by textual evidence.
4. Do not write a plot summary.
5. Your paper will have an introduction that includes the thesis.
6. Your paper will have body paragraphs in which you support your thesis with reasonable claims and support.
7. You will proofread your paper for spelling, grammar, and mechanics errors. Any papers with more than 5 proofreading errors on any page will be returned ungraded and will be penalized as late when resubmitted.
8. Use active verbs. Rather than writing a?She is loving the way he speaks to her,a? write, a?She loves the way he speaks to her.a?
9. Make sure your subjects and verbs agree in number and person. Use your Rules for Writers Handbook from ENGL 1301 as a reference.
10. Use proper MLA citation. You may use Purdueas OWL, the MLA Handbook, your Rules for Writers Handbook, or any reference that does not generate your citations for you.
11. Include an original and thought provoking title.
12. You must have a header with your name, the assignment, course title, my name and date, and you must include page numbers.
13. Save your paper as a .doc or a .rtf. I will not accept any other document form.
14. You must upload your paper to both the turnitin and the assignment modules.