Isabled Womens access to sexual and reproductive health

This is a chapter in a PhD thesis which is looking at Disabled womens access to sexual and reproductive health. The main questions for the overall thesis are:
1. what is the impact on the lives of disabled women, of the barriers faced in accessing sexual and reproductive health?
2. Are disabled womens bodies the main site of opression and conflict in the fight for sexual and reproductive health?

This chapter must cover:
1. Environmental and physical barriers
2. Informational and education barriers (including sex ed, accessible information to make informed choices and education of medical professionals regarding the needs of disabled women)
3. Attitudinal barriers
4. psychosocial barriers

It must include all forms of impairment: physical, sensory, intellectual, hidden and mental health difficulties. Physical seems to be covered most extensively in the literature however the absence of the other categories must be referred to.