Isadvantages of examinationoriented education


Write your own essay that addresses a problem of consequence. Focus on specific topic that you have narrowed from a larger idea. Be sure that is a problem of local concern. In other words, the scale of the problem is limited to details that directly affect your community. Propose one or more solutions, and justify them.

4+pages typed, double-spaced
12pt Times New Roman front
You must have at least TWO independent sources, and they must be cited using MLA citation.
Purposea taken from Bruce Ballengeras reasons for writing a personal narrative
--use exploration as a method of inquity, using questions to challenge essay assumptions.
--practice dialectical thinking moving between ritical and creative thought.
--a?much of what you are asked to write in collage depends on your willingness to step forward and express a belief, make an assertion, or pose a relevant questiona?
You will be Grade On:
your subject a real problem and of local concern.
support you claims with evidence. Cite your sources.
your essayas form should be considered, and have an emphasis on either problems or solutions, as discussed in class.
your ability to articulate, write, and speak clearly and effectively.

Step for writing
think about your subject and general ideas. Satire and other creative approaches are acceptable and encouraged
do your thinking on paper or onscreen
conduct research. Find credible sources that highlight the problem.
donat worry about finding a final solution. You donat a happy ending; you just need to highlight a problem.