Isarmament Diplomacy and Humanitarian Action

Please follow the following GUIDELINES CAREFULLY:

Format & Guidelines:
Please justify your text, and use: the same font, size and margins, page numbers, as here in this page. Please staple your papers! Please use 1.5 lines, font 12, Times New Roman, normal margins (like the ones here), justified. In other words: you will give 15 pages back. The aim of this exercise is twofold. First, to train you to what you will be requested in your professional life: write in a relative short period of time, concisely, analytically, and well. Second, this exam intends to familiarize you with the literature and prepare you for the discussions and experiences we will have in Geneva!
To have more space in responding to this take-home please delete this long introduction and just put your name at the top along with the questions numbers. Please use proper formal English, no abbreviations, and acronyms must be spelled out the first time they are used. For your sources, only use the list outlined in the Geneva literature.
This is an academic, high level course exam that requires the following elements: sophisticated and succinct analysis (no bullet points, narration only). Nonetheless, I expect the level of detail and specifics through examples that will illustrate your thinking. The analysis has to be robust and substantive. There is no room for grammar errors or carelessness. Please review before submitting your text. You should be extra careful following these guidelines! An unsatisfactory paper has signs of carelessness and hurry that can be seen by: contractions (don t, didn t, etc), acronyms not spelled out, incomplete sentences, arguments with no clarity, or if I note that you did not even do the basic syllabus readings for completing your exam. It is usually noticeable when an exam was made in the last hours before it was due.
The Harvard reference system for citations for all work for this class:
This is a simple referencing system which is easy to use for author and reader alike. You cite the authors surname, the year of publication and the page reference immediately after the quoted material, e.g.  Many composers ... have attempted to return to this state of childhood grace (Swanwick 1988: 56). For website reference (that are on our list ONLY), please include the citation in a footnote.