Isaster Relief Plan Evaluation of Effectiveness

Disaster Relief Plan Evaluation of Effectiveness -Country for Paper is Thailand

1. Overall, how should the DRP be evaluated by the subject country and by countries most likely to provide relief efforts in case of a disaster?

2. Discuss how you would evaluate such a DRP?

3. In your opinion, what will be the most significant issues that the international community will have to consider when mounting a relief effort for the subject country?

4. In your opinion, should the DRP consider possible Corruptionon the part of the subject country receiving the disaster relief? Is it appropriate for the subject country to consider corruption in their plan and would it be unfair to the country receiving the relief aid to deal with other countries efforts to restrict corruption and graft in the receiving country.

5. What are possible pitfalls or problems that must be considered when evaluating a DRP for policy strengths and weaknesses?

Background and Overview of the SLP for this Course

The Session Long Project for this Course is to prepare a National Disaster Relief Plan for a developing country. The purpose of this assignment is to develop your ability to objectively review and develop a policy or plan and identify potential areas of strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, you will gain additional insight into a policy or plan by objectively recognizing the policy or plan limitations.

This Session Long Project should be based on the National Response Framework (2008) of the Department of Homeland Security. You will have to adapt certain parts of the plan to the needs of your selected country for the SLP. Of course, you are not expected to prepare a complete NDRP and you will focus on providing disaster relief in an international arena. An important note: Although you will be working with the NRF as the base document for the SLP you will be developing a Disaster Relief Plan and not a national response plan. They are similar in nature; however, you are to focus on the international relief aspects of the plan.