Isaster Relief Plan Maintenance and Training

Disaster Relief Plan Maintenance and Training –

1. Discuss the maintenance and training required for the DRP.

2. Discuss possible strengths and weaknesses of the DRP.

3. Discuss how changes in relief and recovery needs will be monitored.

4. Discuss how the plan should anticipate working with international and national relief organizations for the solicitation of donations.

5. Discuss how the plan should consider the need to coordinate with those countries that you use military aviation to respond to a disaster.

Why is this so important?

The Session Long Project for this Course is to prepare a National Disaster Relief Plan for a developing country. The purpose of this assignment is to develop your ability to objectively review and develop a policy or plan and identify potential areas of strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, you will gain additional insight into a policy or plan by objectively recognizing the policy or plan limitations.

This Session Long Project should be based on the National Response Framework (2008) of the Department of Homeland Security. The full version of the NRF is included with this course. You will have to adapt certain parts of the plan to the needs of your selected country for the SLP. Of course, you are not expected to prepare a complete NDRP. You will focus on providing disaster relief in an international arena. An important note: Although you will be working with the NRF as the base document for the SLP, you will be developing a Disaster Relief Plan and not a national response plan. They are similar in nature; however, you are to focus on the international relief aspects of the plan.