Isaster Response for Hazardous Materials

Write a paper in which you respond to the following:
I attached the full reading as an attachment.

1) In you opinion what were the main issues expressed by the States concerning Homeland Security and states rights at the 2002 State Emergency Response Commission Conference? Please justify your position.

2) Do you believe that the State Emergency Response Commissions (SERCs) and the Local Emergency Response Commissions (LERCs) are threatened for control of local disasters by the Department of Homeland Security? Please discuss your opinion.

3) Do you believe that the Federal government has to do more to simplify and limit liability for state and local governments and industry for certain disasters? Briefly discuss this issue.

4) What is your opinion for including industry in the strategic planning process for emergency and disaster planning?

5) Dr. Erik Auf der Heide discusses the recurrent problems that exist with the delivery of disaster care. He rightly points out that most failures of disaster management are system problems. Do you believe that as the current system exists that there will be more or less failures of disaster management in the near future and that the inherent Systemproblems have been corrected? Please justify your response.