Isaster Risk Management and Reduction ( Course: Sustainable Development and International Planning )


Disaster Risk Management and Reduction

With reference to the below case study ( Japan March 2011 Tsunami and earthquake )
What are the Key environment concerns?
Lessons for physical and environmental planning and urban design

The case study: Japan March 2011 Tsunami and earthquake

Map these out giving particular attention to:

Identifying the key population and built environment vulnerabilities

Identifying the range of actors and organisations involved and their roles

The methodologies and processes involved, especially management and governance processes ?

The primary information (or data) requirements and how are these are addressed

The Objectives, standards and good practices that should be aimed at ?

The main barriers to achieving these? What are the opportunities and constraints and where are the key gaps and fault lines in the processes?

Illustrated paper about 2, 5000 words.

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