Isccuss the cultural antecedents, which may be seen as precursors to contemporary forms of sprawl

The Question
Sprawl has emerged as a broadly-discussed issue and contemporary problem. Indeed, the articulation of various problems (which range from traffic congestion, loss of natural or agricultural space to development, ecological indifference, and persisting disinvestment in older urban areas) caused by suburban sprawl has extended the critique of American urbanization patterns from the ranks of academics, planners and avowed urbanists to a much wider public. The popular media often discusses sprawl as if it were a new or recent phenomenon. However, the course readings and lectures suggest that these issues have important historical origins.
Your assignment is to write a paper that discusses the cultural antecedents, which may be seen as precursors to contemporary forms of sprawl. Your paper should have clearly articulated insightful arguments, specific references to course material, evidence that supports your arguments, and a conclusion that is logical and well supported by your thoughtful analysis in the paper. We discussed the grid plan, Thomas Jeffersons ideas and influence and his Monticello home as well as other influences that I dont remember. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much!

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Hi. Thank you for your assistance. I was in such a rush to place my order yesterday that I finally found some time to attach some articles to be included as SOME SOURCES for my bibliography. Some sources from these articles needed to be included in my bibliography so that my professor knows that I actually read the articles and kept up with the work. Please see attached files. Also, as an FYI my professor also discussed Savannah Georgia and the partition of land in length. The article THE MAKING OF URBAN AMERICA A HISTORY OF CITY PLANNING IN THE UNITED STATES by JOHN W. REPS was too long to download but please let me know if you want me to download it anyway. Thank you so much!