Iscipinary Litercies , and my Discipinary Litercies is Accounting.

Dear Writer,

This assignment is little pet complicated. I will try my best to make it clear for you. first I would upload 5 attachment files. my general information. my major is accounting at Michigan State University. if you have any question please ask me.

this is the instruction for the assignment and it is called project3:
Project 3: Disciplinary Literacies

In our cultural artifact analysis, we investigated an artifact in order to draw conclusions about the values and practices of the cultures engaged with it. Here we will do something similar. In an essay of 5 to 7 pages, we will analyze the written texts (i.e. artifacts) of an academic culture in order to draw conclusions about the literacy practices of that culture. We will ask: What do these works have to say about the way my discipline works in language?

An academic discipline is a specific kind of culture or literacy community found in universities. And like the literacy communities we have already encountered, academic disciplines have customs, knowledge, values, products, and rhetorical traditions of their own which keep the discipline together and make it work. You will soon have to enter one of these disciplines and become a follower and practitioner of it.

So we are interested in seeing what these disciplines are like and we want to see how they work. The evidence we will use to make our analysis of how they work are at least one of each of these three forms:

1) An interview with a practitioner ( make a hypothetical interview with a professor. and I will attach an instruction file for it)

2) A scholarly article ( I have the scholarly article for my accounting major and it is Adobe Reader X, and i will attach it. also i have an instruction for the scholarly article, and i will also attach it)

3) An article from a scholarly blog or trade publication( I have an instruction for the article from a scholarly blog or trade publication… In this website description and analysis as a tool for inquiry

Skills to practice
Research and model academic styles appropriate to your discipline
Analyze of a range of sources and synthesize of these analyses
Use research methods into order to invent new knowledge
Integrate sources, especially by means of proper citation and bibliographic practices
Strategize invention, arrangement, and revision for a thoughtful a?writing process
The paper must have focused inquiry question”