Isciplinary Literacies ProjectBiomedical/clinical laboratory science

In your fourth assignment, you will be writing a research paper that examines the writing culture of a specific discipline in the university. This assignment requires outside research, and asks you to consider the way that different types of discipline specific writing function in terms of audience, purpose, and media/format.

There are four types of outside research for this essay. You will need to gather information from (at least) two print resources, and conduct two interviews. (If you do not fulfil these research requirements you will not pass this assignment.) Specifically,

1. an academic source (e.g. book, or journal article)
2. a trade-paper source (e.g. a magazine, or newspaper)
3. two experts in the field (e.g. professor and a upper level student)

You will use all these resources to gather information about your topic, which again is to consider how writing is used to communicate in your discipline. Remember that while this outside information is an important part of your essay, your analysis and interpretation of this outside information is equally important.

In order to help you (and your readers) learn about your topic you will need to carefully consider the ways that writing is used within your discipline. Some questions you may consider are:
a? How does your discipline use writing? Why types of writing are used? Why? Provide examples and analysis.
a? How does the writing in your discipline persuade readers? Does it use pathos, logos, and ethos? Or a combination of these? Why? Provide examples and analysis.
a? How does youare the writing of your discipline differ from other disciplines? This analysis could be broad and/or narrow. For instance, does the writing produced by those in the filed of accounting differ from those studying management? Why? How? What does this say about the larger discipline of business? Provide examples and analysis.
a? What does the writing of your discipline say about your disciplineas culture? Define your disciplineas culture. Provide examples and analysis.

Thus, like previous assignments, a central goal of this essay is to describe the cultural impacts of this topic in terms of your own experiences. As such, you will need to offer your readersa moments of in-depth analysis and interpretation.

It is important that you use proper citation in this essay (we will go over this in class).

Your response draft should be three pages long.
Your assessment draft should be six pages long.

Includes all required outside sources, introduces and interprets all sources in terms of thesis, and sandwiches quotations
Uses examples and evidence to support claims in relation to the rhetorical purpose. Explains what they think, why they think it, and how they got to these ideas using the rhetorical appeals. In other words, how do the examples of writing work to persuade the audience?
Why is this style of writing used in your discipline? How does the style create purpose, how is it representative of audience and intent?
Offer a comparison of writing between majors, or a comparison of writing in the academy versus on the job, or both of these.

My Major is Biomedical(clinical) laboratory Science.
You dont need to write about interview of professor one because I got it. Please write a perfect one because it is a big paper of my grade.
Thanks. if any needed, let me know