Iscipline and Punishment by Michael Foucault (See Below)

This is a discussion philosophy paper on the book mentioned above. It should contain at least two quotes/passages from the books central themes (which I will later highlight) and then it should explicate these quotes and give personal opinion. The main themes should include: a. Who is considered to deserve punishment? Aka, who makes the rules, and decides what constitutes normal?
b. The process of Normalizationis central, everyone is Fixedin society to be a certain way. c. how punishment has evolved from targeting the body to targeting the soul.
Main themes in this book are, 1. The relationship between power and knowledge 2. The relationship between prison and society 3. The soul. 3. Docile bodies
Basically, these are the main tenets of the book, they should be highlighted and explicated through quotes.
Also, please omit an introduction and conclusion paragraph. I would rather the paper jump into the content of the book right away. I will add the rest.