Iscipline: State Laws on Corporal Punishment/students conduct & discipline in the US public Schools.

NOTE: This order is in continuation of the last order #782444. I want the same writer to continue with this order.Last week you wrote the The statement of the Problem and The purpose Statement. This week, you will write on the Research Question & The Context of the Problem same topic.


A. Formulate the research questions as they relate to the topic.Research questions cannot be a Yesor Noresponse.In addition, research questions are not survey or interview questions.Research questions are overarching questions that will answer the main questions of your study.Here are an examples:
1. What are the attitudes, perceptions, and opinons of the college students about distance learning?
2. What factors contribute to a high employee turnover in banking industries?
Provide background information about the topic before writing the research questions. Introduce the research methodology( qualitative, quantitative, or mixed). Briefy state the research design, too. Include a minimum of three research questions.

B. Context of the Problem:It is here that you set up the research statement with background, purpose and perhaps some support from the literature or acceptable literature alternatives. It is here that the problem or issue is discussed and gives a transitory explanation of what the completed research work-product will most likely contain.

NOTE: In-Text citations are needed and references should not be more than 5 years old.