Iscipline:State Laws On Corporal Punishment In Public Schools

This is 11 weeks research project. Please assign this paper to one particular write that will write this paper with the same topic for 11 weeks.

1. Problem Statement:This should be 250 words and in 2 paragraghs with in-text citations.

A. First paragragh will include, general and specific statements.The general problem reflects current issues about the topic.This should include citations that reflect current problems. Citations not more than 5 yrs.

B. The second paragragh includes the specific problem that i want to do.Mention the methodology, design, geographical location as well.What exactly i want to research?

Important InstructionS;
Please avoid the use of pronounce while writing. Do not use i, we, our etc.

2. Purpose Statement: The purpose Statement should be about 200 words. You will need to discuss why you are doing this project and who will specifically benefit from the study. Then include the following response in your discussion: Methodology ( qualitative, quantitative, or mixed): geographical location, populaion, sample, etc.

Discuss how your topic/research is going to different from studies that have already been completed.

Important instruction.

Please do not use primary sample. Use only secondary sample already completed by various researchers in same topic in the past.Data should be based on previous research or studies.