Isco Systems: Implementing CustomizedERP in Nine Months and within Budget

A. Format: No more than one page for each question. Please make a full one page for each question if it is possible. (double spaced / font: times new roman / size: 12 / totally 3 questions)

B. Note: Do not copy and paste extended sentences from the case.(pdf file) Please DO NOT use quotation and make reference page. I want your analysis and integration with Nestle, Davenports reading, and Soft Bottler case. This case looks at successful case of ERP implementation.

C. Finally, the questions are as follows:
1. The case starts with explaining problems at Cisco a information systems are failing, yet Cisco is initially reluctant to implement ERP (until the eventual failure of systems for 2 days). Why werent they keen on an ERP project initially?
2. ERP was a great success at Cisco. What are the factors for this success? In your opinion, what were the important things that Cisco did correctly?
3. Do you consider Cisco to be smart or lucky with its ERP implementation? Provide examples to support your arguments. Further, did Cisco do anything wrong on this project? Provide details.

D. This is final exam for the semester. so please check sentence structure and grammar carefully. Please let me know if you have any question.