Iscourse analysis/ethnographic research

a. If you are proposing to conduct discourse analysis, explain which texts you would make a part of your study (give concrete examples)? Are they written, spoken, practiced, or some combination thereof? If you are proposing to conduct ethnographic research, explain what your ethnographic site(s) would be and which groups of actors would be participants in your study. Be as specific as possible and justify your decisions.
b. Techniques:
i. Which techniques for collection and analysis do you propose for your study? Be specific and explain how these techniques will help you address your question.
ii. Here, you should also address how you will pursue a more in-depth, holistic study of your topic (think about the question of inter-textuality or triangulation here)

Please note that this is a research paper and i have completed most of the work but not the section about Discourse analysis/ethnographic research. Please see attachment of my paper and please edit the Methodological section.
Thank you