Iscourse, Field-configuring Events, and Change in Organizations

you are going to read to an article and a case study. The article is under the name of Discourse, Field-configuring Events and the case is under the name of Shell

I would like you to read both of them carefully and summarize them. Each one has to be 2 pages and half at max. It has to be single spaced 1.5 line spacing.

As single space would make this a long summary double space would make 5 pages quite easy by using headings, paragraphs, and a couple of point forms,

please consider the following things when you summarize them :

For the case :

who are the relevant Stakeholders?
-what are the key ethical issues within the case?are there any other issues that are that are relevant to the discussion of the case?
-Discuss two ethical traditions or perspectives that may be contributed to the conflict between Stakeholder and/or that are making it difficult for the organization to make a decision?
-what actions would you recommend and why?

For the article:

Ashort synopsis of the article.
A list of the important features facts and highlights from the article.
A short summary of your thoughts/reflections/ reactions on the article. what does it make you notice, think of or feel about certain issues?

please consider these points very well. please finish it on time