Iscover How the everyday operations of the press intersect with the political system and with government affairs

You will discover how the everyday operations of the press intersect with the political system and with government affairs. Remember that in the libertarian theory, the press is supposed to report on government activities; often the reporting exposes problems with government or public policies. The press today remains preoccupied with government news.
I want you to review one issue of a daily newspaper (either online or in print) to see how much of its contents relate to politics and government. Youll find that even a single issue of a newspaper performs three or four different tasks that relate to government.
1. Select a single current issue of an urban daily newspapera the New York Times, Washington Post; avoid U.S.A. Today. I suggest that you review a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday issue; that is, avoid Saturday, Sunday, and Monday papers.
2. Find at least five examples from the following possibilities, preferably covering as many of the categories as possible:

1. a story about the federal government or federal policy;
2. a story about partisan politics, a political candidate, or upcoming elections;
3. a story about state government or state policy;
4. an editorial or opinion column that comments on government or public policy (if youre using a printed issue, look on the editorial page for editorials; opinion columns are found on the editorial page or on the opposite page, often known as the op-ed page);
5. a letter to the editor about government, policy or the newspapers coverage of government and policy;
6. a story from the business page that reports on economic information gathered by the government;
7. an advertisement about politics or government.
3. State the name of the newspaper and the date of the issue. If you use an online newspaper, include the links (e.g, the urls) to all of your examples; if you use a printed newspaper, include the sections and page numbers for all of your examples.
4. For each example selected, list the author(s), if any, and headline. Next, identify whether it is a news report, an editorial, an opinion column, a letter to the editor, a political advertisement, or some other type of story. Then, briefly summarize the contents and note what branch (e.g., legislative, judicial and executive) and level of government (local, state, federal) as well as the specific office(s) and agency (agencies).
5. What else can you find that reflects the newspapers interest in reporting government activities? Be sure to discuss at least one additional item or area of interest.

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