Iscovering Psychology The Science of Mind

(only use the book as a source)
hi I am going to upload for you a PDF file that has the book, so you will need the book to write this paper and below is my professor instructions for doing this paper please follow what he wants.

You will write one longer paper applying 3-4 concepts or phenomena to your post-graduate plans or goals. This could be a chosen career path, a hobby youare passionate about and plan to continue pursuing after school, or any personal goal you have for your post-graduate years. Much like the chapter application papers, please summarize each phenomenon or concept. Then summarize your applied domain (career goal, hobby, etc.). Finally integrate the two, describing how the psychological topics you summarized inform or are related to your post-graduate plans.

please do it well and if you want anything please let me know and by the way i am an international student in USA just in case.