Iscretionary Benefits within the Manufacturing Industry

Analyze discretionary company benefits within the manufacturing industry. Discuss the discretionary benefits that are offered in the manufacturing industry. Make sure to discuss protection programs, paid time-off and services. Analyze both the short and long-term benefits. What factors might influence the current benefits practices? How might these practices change over time? What benefit recommendations would you make to this industry?

Detailed paper format:
1. Write an introduction to your paper which includes background information of the industry.

2. Discuss discretionary benefits. What are they? Which benefits are typically offered in the manufacturing industry? Which benefits appear to be missing in the industry? Analyze both the long term and short term benefits offered.

3. What factors do you see influencing the manufacturing industries present benefits practices? Do you see any major changes in the types of discretionary benefits offered in this industry over the next 5 years? 10 years?

4. Write a conclusion to your paper which offers recommendations to your industry on ways to improve their benefits offering. Support your recommendations with facts and give your opinion of how effective your chosen industry has been in offering these types of benefits to their employees.

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