Iscrimination Against Chinese Indonesian

Assignment Explanation: You will write a Research Paper which offers a solution to a problem connected to a concept worthy of being categorized as a?Change Writing.a? In order to offer a solution, you will first need to explore possible definitions of your complex term or concept, and then examine illustrative examples of persons or organizations that help to develop the definition of the concept. Youall need to explain the problem connected with your concept, and then take a position on that problem. Finally, you will offer a solution to the problem, or possible solutions to the problem.

Assignment Parameters:

Your essay must exhibit marks of Mary Pipheras guidelines for a?Change Writing.a?
Your essay must be between 7-10 typed, double-spaced pages (not counting the insertion of visual materials) using MLA Research Paper format and 12 point font (Times New Roman, Courier, Ariel or other appropriate font)
Your essay should include the assignment components in the order stated above, under a?Turn in and componentsa? and be bound with a spring or binder clip
Each research source should be cited twice and should utilize appropriate signal phrase, interpretation, and analysis of quoted material as it relates to your research point (Direct quote, paraphrase, any combination)
Your essay should be free of errors with sentence type and variety, punctuation patterns, and format
Your essay should employ paragraph cohesion techniques and paragraph and sentence transition techniques, and should have been edited for Word usage and wordiness
Your essay should consciously use Participant or Observer point of view
Your essay should conscious use Topical or Narrative organizational structure (Using an anecdote or narrative opening does not count as a?narrativea? structurea remember.)
Your essay should consciously use sentence variety techniques and repetition of words and phrases to develop tone and mood
Your essay should use specific details and varied-senses descriptions
Your final product should illustrate your understanding of the differences between composing, revising, and editing, and should evidence mastery of a?change writinga? techniques, development of ideas, understanding of how to develop purpose, and successful application of MLA techniques, composing techniques, and research-inclusion techniques

Source Requirements for this assignment:

At least 1 Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Specialty Encyclopedia
1 or more Magazine or Newspaper Articles
Introduction, Preface, Forward, Afterward, Chapter of a book
At least 1 Video or Audio Source
At least 1 Scholarly Journal Article
At least 1 source in an Anthology
At least 1 photograph, chart, table, graph
3 sources of your choosing

Please edit my 7 pages of research paper draft that I have written, I already found sources, and you just need to add 3 more, which are one scholarly journal, one visual source, and one anthology.