Iscrimination and Anti-Oppressive Practice in Youth Work Practice

a?There are three parts to this essay. Please make sure you use appropriate sub-heading titles for each part (Do not just write part 1, part 2, part 3). Your sections have a theme so title your sections appropriately

a?i.e. (For part 1) Discrimination and LGBT Youth

a?i.e. (For part 2) Anti-Oppressive Practice & Challenging Discrimination

a?i.e. (For Part 3) Anti-Oppressive Practice: Reflective Summary

Part 1
Address a group of young people who you feel are discriminated against and discuss one situation where such discrimination may occur

a?Ensure that you define what discrimination actually is and get this definition from an authored source

a?Chose a group that can actively be discriminated against (in a youth work setting)

Read specific authored work around that group or themed books i.e. racism & discuss a model of discrimination here in relation to your group

Part 2
a?Define what anti-oppressive practice is

a?Should address how anti-oppressive practice can address the issues you have identified in accordance to working in a youth work setting

a?Relate anti-oppressive practice to your chosen module model of discrimination (introduced in part 1)

a?Give examples of work which is anti-discriminatory (activities, actions and youth work skills) & how this fits in with youth work values (and the NOS)
a?Look at youth work authors

a?Consult group work books i.e Westergaard, J (2009) Effective group work with young people. McGraw-Hill Open University Press. (Chapter 9: Managing Challenging behaviour and attitudes, pgs 129-147) (E-Book!)

a?Consult the selected websites: Joseph Rowntree Foundation (2005) Racism Project (challenging-and-changing-racist-attitudes-and-behaviour-young-people)

a?This a reflective summary stating what you have learned about anti-oppressive practice and why it is important in youth work

a?Therefore, you are allowed to use a?Ia? in this section only

a?Discuss a model of reflective practice (as introduced in the lecture) that describes your mode of reflection in learning about AOP (Remember to reference the source!)

a?You may include your own experience of discrimination and how it affected your notion of self. But ensure you relate this back to your chosen group and youth work practice

a?You need a clear conclusion, summarising what you have discussed in your essay and why anti-oppressive practice is necessary and important

a?Your conclusion should only be one paragraph

a?Do not introduce any new information here

a?Ensure you provide a bibliography, stating your 5+ authored references, in alphabetical order via surname

a?There should be no appendix, diagrams etc. included in your work

a?Introduction, conclusion & overall essay structure 10%

Referencing Requirements:
Assignment 3 a Website Selection
Websites to use (3 maximum):

az?Home Office Statistics: uk (i.e. search discrimination or equality)

az?Department for Education and Skills (DfES): uk (i.e. look at children and young people section)


az?National Youth Agency (NYA): uk

Do not use any other websites outside of this!
a?You MUST consult a minimum of 5 authored sources (from books, ebooks or journal articles only). You will fail the assignment should you not do this!

a?You can consult a maximum of 3 websites, out of the selection given on this power point guide