Iscrimination and Anti-Oppressive Practice

(TAKEN FROM THE POWERPOINT SLIDE) Please read assignment 3 instructions in this power point guide (and read carefully so you understand what you are being asked to do)

You MUST consult a minimum of 5 authored sources (from books, ebooks or journal articles only). You will fail the assignment should you not do this!

You can consult a maximum of 3 websites, out of the selection given on this power point guide.


Assignment 3: Reflective Essay: 2,500 words
(excluding references and bibliography)
50% of final mark

Date of Submission: Monday 12th May 2014

Discrimination and Anti-Oppressive Practice

? This essay aims to get you to reflect on the concept of discrimination and how it affects the lives of young people. Also, you will need to reflect on how forms of discrimination could be addressed through anti-oppressive practice exercised in a youth work setting. You will be required to write this essay in three parts.
? Part 1: Should address a group of young people who you feel are discriminated against and discuss one situation where such discrimination may occur. This section should include a definition of what discrimination is. Also, you must read around your chosen group and support all work with references. (800 words)
? Part 2: Should address how anti-oppressive practice can address the issues you have identified in accordance to working in a youth work setting. In this section you need to define what anti-oppressive practice is, discuss models of discrimination and give examples of work which is anti-discriminatory & how this fits in with youth work values (800-1000 words)
? Part 3: Should provide a reflective summary of why anti-oppressive practice is key to our understanding of the notion of self. You will be required to think about the effect discrimination has on young peoplei??s notion of self and the impact Anti-Oppressive Practice will have on your future work practice and your notion of self as a worker and as a person (400 words max)

? Your essay must also incorporate youth work theory through authored book based/internet sources, youth work & government policy & ensure you reference your work appropriately and correctly.
? All students must follow the Harvard system of referencing. You should use the following url which provides useful guidance and examples on how to reference : harvard
? Your essay must refer to the National Occupational Standards for Youth Work.
? You should be consistent in your essay format and structure. Sub-headings should be used. (Further help and advice for essay writing is included in this handbook and will be discussed in lectures & seminar workshops.
? Please read the i??Assessment Criteriai?? grid included in this hand book carefully as your coursework will be marked strictly according to the given i??criteriai??.