Iscrimination impacts and consequences in the law enforcement work enviroment

Of the following topics, you are to pick one and write a 4000 word research paper (text only, not including cover page, reference pages etc.).
Discrimination: impacts and consequences in the law enforcement work environment. NOTE: The paper is NOT to be a story on your opinion of a particular topic. Your writing is to be a scholarly article that is based on extensive research, with particular emphasis on an analysis of leading, noteworthy or relevant cases. Any papers that are not written in the required manner will not be accepted. The completed research paper should be typed in MS Word 12 point font only, in a double-spaced format with footnotes and bibliographic references. Use of Sources and Authority: Is it apparent from the work that the student has read a wide variety of materials on the subject? Has the student quoted, cited and used the various authorities appropriately? Scholarly citations for all information used. References must be in alphabetical order. I need a draft by this Friday 13 June 9, 2014 by NLT 7 pm eastern standard time.