Iscrimination in the workplace among LGBT people in the United States

1. Intro:br /
The Core of the Intro: The Ws. WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE. /
Use theses words. This problem is X. This problem affects these types of people. It happens in this place. It is a serious problem because it harms these people in X, Y, and Z /
Start the paragraph with a powerful anecdote about 1 person who represents the /
Then ZOOM OUT and use numbers and facts and sources to clearly establish the a?big picturea? of the /
Example:br /
WHAT: Drug dogs are inaccurate. Are used by police to search people unfairly. Their a?false sniffa? is used to justify privacy rights /
WHO is affected: Minorities pulled over for random traffic /
WHERE: Illinois (examples from all over to support)br /
WHEN: NOW. Use recent DATA to prove problem is current and /
WHY: Minorities face unfair rights violations, are targeted and privacy is /
Erodes authority of policebr /
Creates more hostility between authorities and minoritiesbr /
Looking AheadTitle of Comp II: Drug Sniffing Canines and an Odor of Error: Bill HB1195 and Instituting Regulation, Oversight, and Data Collectionbr /
br /
2.After the Intro2 History Paragraphsbr /
(the example of one history paragraph which talks about the plastic waste will be attached later)br /
Both topic sentences (the FIRST SENTENCE of the Paragraph) should clearly identify a cause, and also state HOW that cause created the problem br /
The topic sentence (TS) clearly identifies 2 causes of plastic waste (public perception and buying trend) and states HOW they caused the problem br /
BAD VERSION of TS: One cause of plastic bottle waste was the shift in public perception.i??br /
NEED TO GET SPECIFCwhat is the perception, how is it a cause? br /
a?The perception of impurity caused a fear that shifted buying trendsi??br /
WEAK POINT of many papers: hammering away at the same sourcebr /
Dwelling on one source at a time for a whole page hurts your ethosbr /
Does not look like research and synthesis, but like replicating source argumentsbr /
There are 4 sources used in this paragraphbr /
Get in the habit of emphasizing source credibility IN THE SENTENCE ITSELFbr /
br /
Analyze the source itself, do not merely summarizebr /
a?Annie Leonard immediately marries two concepts in the consciousness of the audience: environmental health and personal choicebr /
a?The image of a lethargic bum comatose in a recliner is meant to capture consumer apathy that has become a fundamental building block in the purchasing trend that has prized the convenience of the plastic water bottlei??br /
br /
Both major papers must be multi-modalbr /
Multi-modal Pedagogical Buzzwordbr /
Include: Videos, Interviews, Figures/graphs, Images/Pictures that you analyzebr /
More is better (not my rule)br /
There is a WORD COUNT requirement 1700 words (5.5-6pages of just language)br /
So these figures/pictures do not count for lengthbr /
br /
3.After the intro and history paragraphsbr /
1) Expand two of the wsi?? (who/what/when/where/why)br /
Some are simple and some are complexADDRESS THE COMPLEXITYbr /
Water Bottle example TSexpanding the Wherei??br /
While the location of this problem clearly seems to be the United States given its proclivity for bottled water, the setting of this problem has become the international community as waste is exported to other countries and even dumped in oceans which adversely affects the environment as well.i??br /
2) The concluding paragraph: A current evaluation of the debate and dialogue surrounding your problembr /
Analyze who is involvedis it political (almost always IS!!!)what is their stake in the issue? Why do they care?br /
USE the CQ researcher pro/con functionbr /
br /
I wrote a rough intro and I will attach it later.
I also attach a sample of a B+ paper for you to read. Please take a look. Thanks