Iscrimination of homosexuality in the traditial black church

I need an abstract of about 200 words.

This paper if for a Behavior Health course and we were suppose to pick a topic that ethical dilemma that is present in todays society.


This link above I am using in my presentation to the class so I need it mention it the paper as one of the sources.

I want the paper to show how hostile the church environment has become and many homosexuals do not attend because out of fear of negative preaching and teaching from the pulpit, rejection, or out casting.

I am pro homosexuality (LGTB) right and would like to see discrimination to stop in the traditional black churches. Most traditional black churches treat homosexuality as an unforgivable sin and an abomination. With many scandals that happens within many traditional black churches all gets swept under the carpet but homosexuality. They preach hate and not love and forgiveness. My professor wants me to argue only one on side of the traditional church why homosexuality is not good.