Iscursive Essay based on a book review of a learning and development concept. Please see order instruction for full details of structure

Discursive Essay based on a book review of a learning and development concept.
You are required to:
.A) Identify what contribution to learning and development the thinking, approach and ideas of the author is making to our understanding and application of this concept. Examining how their models facilitate either our body of knowledge about the subject and or,our application of theory to practice.
For example, if you were contributing to the session on Refletive Practice, you would have read and reviewed one of the set texts e.g. Educating The Reflective Practitioner by Donald Schon. Drawing on his thinking, you might find yourself asking the question what does it mean to be a reflective practitioner, what is the significance of reflective practice for professional development or management learning What knowledge would help me understand this phenomenon What skills would I be developing and how would I know if I were being a skillful reflective practitioner?
.B) Produce an individual essay based on your book review and the facilitated discussion of circa 2,500 words that critically evaluates theory and practice.
.Try and formulate a question to frame your essay that helps you explore the subject and gives you a focus and the beginings of a structured account. For example What is Reflective Practice and what contribution can it make to management and organization learning? Construct convincing arguments, use the literature to illuminate your point of view,consider whether there is a debate differences in the literature.What you think,what your experience tells you.Put it all together in your account.You do not need to reach a conclusion to the question you pose.

please note that this is a single topic of 2500 words book review, structure and form of which the review should be done is what has been explained/outlined as column A and B.The book to be reviewed can be anyone of the list i have provided bellow however,should writer have difficulty accessing one of these list of books I am willing to provide/post a copy to you.

Please note: not all the list is to be used, only of these books should be chosen and reviewed:

Argyris C And Schon D ( 1996) Organisational Leaming 11 Theory, Method And Practice, Addison OD series.

Agyris C (1990) Overcoming Organisationa1 Defenses, Prentice Hall.

Belenky, Clinchy, Goldberger and Tarule (1986) Womens Ways Of Knowing, Basic Books.

Bohm D (1985) Unfolding Meaning -A Weekend of Dialogue, Routledge (0. L.)

Buchanan D And Boddy D (1992)The Expertise Of The Change Agent, Prentice Hall.

Campell D (1995) Leaming Consultation, Kamac Books

Fineman S (1993) Emotion in Organizations, Sage

Fisher D and Torbert W (1995) Personal and Organizational Transformations, McGraw Hill

Garratt B (1987) The Learning Organization, Harper Collins.

Goleman D (1996) Emotional Intelligence, Bloomsbury.

Harrison R Consultants (1995)Journey, Mc Graw Hill.

Heron J (1992) Feeling and Personhood, Sage.

Knowles M (1980) The Modern Practice of Adult Education: From Pedagogy to Andragogy , Chicago: Follet.

Kolb D (1984)Experimental Learning:
Experience as the Source of Learning and Development, Prentice Hall.

Page T ( 1996) The Diary of A Change Agent, Gower.

Reynolds M and Vince R. (2004) Organizing Reflection, Ashgate.