Iscuse Prehistory and the first Civilization, Greece and the Roman Empire and select one art work from each and discuss.

Discuss Prehistory and the first civilizations, Greece and The Roman Empire.Your essay will be a 2-page, double-spaced (12 pt) *Word document* attachment in Assignments”, submitted on time! . YOU MUST use quotations when you are not writing in your own words and you must CITE YOUR SOURCES. Essay Question: Selected art work are Warka Vase, Lion Gate, Mycenae, Grace, and Capitoline Wolf. discuss each work you have selected. For example, identify how old it is, what culture it comes from, whether it is two-dimensional or three-dimensional, what it is made of, how it was made (do some research into the techniques or materials), what it was made for (if we know or have theories). Use dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopediascheck what things mean before you write about them. This is an exercise in how to look at and how to write about art works. Lastly, mention The importance of the the art work you choose. After you have identified each of the three works you chose, spend at least one paragraph comparing/contrasting them with one another. a? Include an Introduction stating the purpose of your paper and identifying the examples you have selected. I would suggest you devote a little less than a page to each example, compare/contrast and then conclude the paper.